Working at height
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Working at height – what you need to know
Working at height is one of the main causes of injuries and fatalities on-site. This article will give a brief overview of the recommended measure you should take to reduce risk to both you and your colleagues. Falls from height are the single biggest cause of fatalities on site and in the workplace, according to HSE statistics, and account for thousands more non-fatal injuries. Most of these injuries and accidents…
Risk Assessments
Health & Safety Planning
An introduction to Risk Assessments
This article will introduce risk assessments, explaining what they are and provide a brief overview of how you would carry one out. What are risk assessments? As part of managing the health and safety of a business, employers must control any risks and dangers in their workplace. At its simplest this means thinking about what might cause injury to people and deciding whether you are taking enough steps to prevent…
Buried Cable
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Installing an electrical supply to an outbuilding
This article looks at the correct procedure for installing an electrical supply to an outbuilding. Before carrying out any new or additional installation works a contractor must determine that the supply to the installation is sufficient to meet the demands of the additional load. It must also be verified that the existing earthing and bonding arrangements are adequate (Regulation 132.16 refers). Furthermore, the contractor responsible for carrying out the new…