About the AM2/AM2S

At the end of your electrical apprenticeship, and before you can become fully qualified, you’ll need to take the AM2 or AM2S test. Which one you’ll take depends on which type of apprenticeship or training programme you’re following.

Your training provider will be able to tell you which assessment you’ll be taking, but, in a nutshell:

  • – Apprentices who are enrolled onto the Apprenticeship Framework, or those on the Level 3 NVQ or the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment, should undertake the AM2 assessment.
  • – Apprentices who are enrolled onto the Apprenticeship Standard should undertake the AM2S assessment.

These in-depth assessments last around 16-17 hours in total, spread across 2.5 days. During this time, you’ll complete the different sections of the test, carrying out a range of tasks to show what you’ve learnt during your apprenticeship.

Exam conditions apply and you’ll be monitored by an assessor who will mark your work along the way.

Useful Links
The NET website provides a whole host of great information and resources to help you prepare for your test, including: