AM2 Section Detail

The AM2 Assessment is broken down into the sections below. During some of the practical sections, you’ll be watched by the assessor. This can seem intimidating, so NET advises you try to practice beforehand with a colleague watching you to get used to it.

The length of time allocated to complete each section is indicated below, but you’ll be given additional time to read the instructions and prepare before starting the test.

This is just an overview – visit the NET Services website for a detailed, step by step guide to each section as well as a Pre-Assessment Manual which gives you much more information about the assessment, what to expect and some common errors to avoid. 

Section A1: Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment – 45 minutes

Section A: Composite Installation – 8.5 hours

Section B: Inspection, Testing and Certification – 3.5 hours

Section C: Safe Isolation – 30 minutes

Section D: Fault Diagnosis and Rectification – 2 hours

Section E: Assessment of Applied Knowledge – 1 hour