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Example of unfused spur
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Connecting equipment to a socket-outlet circuit
This article provides guidance on how to connect items of equipment to socket-outlet circuits. Socket-outlets are typically supplied by either a ring or a radial final circuit. In either case, a number of items of permanently connected equipment may also be supplied by the circuit. Such equipment should preferably be of a rating not exceeding 2 kW. The choices available to the electrician for connecting items of equipment to socket-outlet…
Buried Cable
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Installing an electrical supply to an outbuilding
This article looks at the correct procedure for installing an electrical supply to an outbuilding. Before carrying out any new or additional installation works a contractor must determine that the supply to the installation is sufficient to meet the demands of the additional load. It must also be verified that the existing earthing and bonding arrangements are adequate (Regulation 132.16 refers). Furthermore, the contractor responsible for carrying out the new…
Cross-sectional area
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What should you know about the cross-sectional area of neutral conductors?
This article from the ECA technical team provides some easy-to-follow technical advice on the cross-sectional area of neutral conductors.    Generally, circuits are designed with the same cross-sectional area neutral conductors as the line conductor. Indeed, BS7671:2008 Regulation 524.2.1 states: “The neutral conductor, if any, shall have a cross-sectional area not less than that of the line conductor: In single-phase, two-wire circuits, whatever the cross-sectional are In polyphase and single-phase three-wire circuits,…