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Light Planning Simplified

Learn how to make a hands-on light plan and TCO calculation with simple tools.

If you’re interested in lighting, you should check out the Ledvance Training Centre, an online platform packed with bite-sized training videos covering a variety of lighting topics, including technology, products and applications. With short run times between eight and 24 minutes, they’re perfect to fit in around your apprenticeship, and you can dip in and out of the modules if you’re short on time.

It takes just a minute to set up an account and then you’re free to explore the world of light through short, informative training videos. Certificates are available upon completion of the modules to keep track of your progress.

For a handy introduction to lighting plans, Ledvance’s 13-minute Light Planning Simplified training video teaches you how to complete a simple, rough lighting plan by explaining all necessary formulas. It covers:

  • Which light level is required for a specific application and how to find the correct values.
  • A rough calculation of light planning parameters with different tools.
  • How to do a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculation.

In your daily business, you’ll often have to give a rough estimate of the cost of a simple light installation. Your customer will want to know what to expect and what an alternative would cost. This does not replace a precise calculation by a professional lighting design program, but it certainly helps to get an initial estimation of the project.

Starting with the exact description of a room and the basic data needed to plan the illumination – the length, width and height of the room – the video also explains the importance of the degree of reflection of the ceiling, walls and floor, as well as the location of the doors and windows.

It then discusses which light level is required with some examples of illuminance levels for different applications in a building, including reception, meeting rooms, canteens and warehouses, before providing a step-by-step calculation of light planning parameters with example calculation exercises. 

Finally, Ledvance presents an all-in-one tool that enables you to complete a rough calculation of all parameters in one sheet. By keying in all required items, you’ll receive results about: the number of luminaires needed, efficiency of the luminaire, total lumen output and power consumption, the energy cost per year and the TCO after certain years. This tool is ideal to compare old with new solutions – why not play with some lighting proposals to get familiar with the tool?

Visit the Ledvance Training Centre here.