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A focus on trunking systems

Learn more about the characteristics and advantages of trunking systems, including suitable applications and mounting possibilities.

Are you familiar with the Ledvance Training Centre? The online platform offers bite-sized training videos on a variety of lighting topics, such as technology, products and applications, making it a fantastic source of information for anyone interested in pursuing a career in lighting.

The informative presentations all come in at less than 25 minutes, with most taking around 10-15 minutes to complete, so they’re perfect to fit in around your apprenticeship. You can even dip in and out of the modules, picking up where you left off, if you’re short on time. Certificates are available upon completion to keep track of your progress.

One module, Trunking Systems, introduces you to the characteristics and advantages of trunking systems, which are popular illumination solutions when it comes to industrial and shop applications. The presentation, which takes just 12 minutes to complete, is split into the following three sections:

  • – About trunking systems
  • – What are the Ledvance solutions?
  • – Lighting design considerations

Section one, About trunking systems, explores the characteristics of trunking systems, including their versatility, ability to provide homogeneous illumination levels and flexibility when it comes to specific application needs. It then looks at some of these applications, including shops, retail and industry.

Section two, What are the Ledvance solutions?, introduces the TruSys and TruSys Performance products with useful information about their applications, available light colours, available lumen values, design, beam angle and installation. Details about components, suspended mounting, surface – direct ceiling mounting and grid ceiling mounting are also provided.

The final section, Lighting design considerations, explains that a professional light calculation is the first step for the optimum selection and suitable layout of a trunking system installation. It covers:

  • – Dimensions of the room
  • – Application needs
  • – Installation costs
  • – Quality of light

It ends with a lighting design example focussing on a storage hall to demonstrate the process.

Visit the Ledvance Training Centre here. It takes just a minute to set up an account and then you’re free to explore the wonderful world of light!