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LED Lamps: Dimming and Disturbing Effects

Learn more about the principles of dimming an LED lamp and potential disturbing effects such as flickering or audible noise.

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Explore the principles of dimming and potential disturbing effects such as flickering or audible noise in LED lamps with Ledvance’s 13-minute LED Lamps: Dimming and Disturbing Effects training video. It covers:

  • – Constant light & dimming
  • – PWM versus analog dimming
  • – Glow dimming
  • – Temporal Light Artefacts (TLA)
  • – Audible noise by LED products
  • – Integrated special features and sensoric

With the transformation of traditional technology to LED technology, the traditional designs, shapes and functions were transformed to LED technology. In particular, the dimming of LED lamps poses challenges to lamp development to avoid any flickering or noise.

For dimming of LEDs there are different possibilities – phase cut and pulse-width modulation (PWM) or analog. Phase cut dimming systems dim the lights by altering the supply voltage. With PWM and analog dimming, the main signal enters the driver without any change and will be changed inside the driver, with no extra terminal required outside. Illustrations are used to show the difference between the technologies before a comparison table explores the differences between PWM and analog.

Glow dimming, a gradual dimming feature which enables light levels to dim to warm tones of traditional bulbs, is also discussed, along with some of the benefits of Ledvance’s GLOWdim lamps, such as energy savings and dimmer compatibility.

The measurement method for the evaluation of Temporal Light Artefacts (TLA) / flickering is provided, in addition to information about audible noise measurements, in order to ensure the quality of LED lamps.

Ledvance now provides lamps with special features which are integrated inside the lamp to offer customers a huge variety of applications, advantages and comfort. The final two slides provide a snapshot of these, including dimmer, motion sensor, daylight sensor, built-in battery and two-click technologies.

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