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Tarmac to take on six new apprentices at Buxton site

As the UK celebrates National Apprenticeship Week, Tarmac has announced it will create six new apprenticeships at the company’s Tunstead site near Buxton according to The Buxton Advertiser.

At Tunstead, where there are three operations covering cement and lime manufacture and stone quarrying, Tarmac is offering six new apprenticeships, starting in September – five electrical and one mechanical position.

Third-year electrical apprentice Sam Critchlow said: “Since joining the electrical engineering apprenticeship scheme at Tunstead, I have received incredible personal and technical support whenever I have needed it.

Reg Gartside, Tarmac’s engineering services manager at Tunstead, added: “We are delighted to be able to continue to offer these apprenticeships at Tunstead this year.

“Our apprentices have personalised training and clear development that’s tailored to their strengths and ambitions. The scheme has a very successful track record with many completing their training and going on to take on permanent roles in our business.”