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Fluke offers a kit solution for testing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Fluke and Beha-Amprobe have introduced a kit offering comprehensive testing of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations.

Saving money versus buying the units separately, the installation tester/adapter kit provides access to the socket-outlets of vehicle charging stations to perform safety and functional tests, while simulating the presence of an electrical vehicle as required to be able to measure outputs.

The market for EV charging stations is growing rapidly. By introducing Installation Tester/Adapter kits, Fluke offers a solution for testing EV charging stations. They are ideal for electricians, electrical utilities and EV maintenance companies for safety testing, functional testing and troubleshooting/repair of charging stations.

Main features & functions of the Test Adapter:

  • Suitable for vehicle charging stations with charging mode 3
  • EV-connectors for type 2 and type 1
  • PE Pre-Test – to test the PE conductor for possible presence of dangerous voltage against earth
  • Proximity Pilot (PP) state ‘Cable Simulation’ – enables simulation of various current capabilities of the charging cables
  • Control Pilot (CP) state ‘Vehicle Simulation’ – enables various charging states to be simulated
  • Separate phase indication – to check voltage is present
  • Installation tester safety and functional tests using L1, L2, L3, N and PE measuring terminals enable connection of the installation tester
  • Electric power meter check – a mains socket allows an external load to be connected to check the power meter works and counts correctly
  • Simulations of CP and PE errors
  • Terminals for CP signal output to check communication between adapter and charging stations

The kit also includes an EVC-20 test cable with connector for the more common charging stations type 2 (while a Type 1-EVC-13 is also available separately). This easy-to-use connector combines both ‘socket outlet’ as well as ‘fixed cable with vehicle connector’ options in one. The Test Adapter is also available as a stand-alone unit.

Information about all Fluke products can be obtained via the Fluke web site at and for Beha-Amprobe at