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Learner special: Build up your professional toolkit

As a learner or new starter in the industry, filling your toolbox with the best tools to get the job done is vital. But how do you know which tools to start a professional toolkit with? To help, here are the key tools we believe will serve as the ‘go to’s’ in a professional toolkit for any electrician.

Pliers, nippers and cutters

First up, Combination Pliers, Pliers for Electrical Installation, Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers and Diagonal Cutting Nippers are key staples for electricians. These tools will help you cut, grab, nip and twist cables and cable ties, even in the most cramped and hard to reach areas. These tools have many functions individually that will save you time, money and effort. Check out our You Tube or social channels for hints, tips and How To’s.

Cable stripping

The award winning KNIPEX ErgoStrip Universal Dismantling Tool is a superb, fast and precise cable stripping tool which makes life so much simpler. Its innovative, ergonomic pistol grip design makes for easy cutting, stripping and a longitudinal cut of a cable sheath. It is a real favourite amongst professional electricians because of its time saving capabilities.

Water Pump Pliers

With 25 jaw locking positions, the ever-popular Cobra Water Pump Pliers can be set to the desired size by the push of a button. Fine size adjustment ensures optimum handle position and box-joint construction prevents the pliers pulling to one side when in use. A user-friendly guard prevents fingers being pinched! 


A toolkit would not be complete without screwdrivers and for electricians the KNIPEX Screwdrivers Slim and KNIPEX Cross Slot Screwdrivers Slim are perfect.

VDE protection

Safety is the first priority when working on electrical installations. Any electrician must be able to rely 100 per cent on the tools that have been specially manufactured for this purpose. KNIPEX’s production methods and the equipment used for testing insulated tools are frequently examined, certified and monitored by the Association of German Electricians (VDE).  Each design of KNIPEX insulated pliers is authorised by the independent VDE Institute concerning safety features before a type approval is granted.  Added to all this are rigorous random tests that make KNIPEX tools a great choice for the electrician.

Discount for Professional Tool kits from KNIPEX

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