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Learner special: Build up your professional toolkit
As a learner or new starter in the industry, filling your toolbox with the best tools to get the job done is vital. But how do you know which tools to start a professional toolkit with? To help, here are the key tools we believe will serve as the ‘go to’s’ in a professional toolkit for any electrician. Pliers, nippers and cutters First up, Combination Pliers, Pliers for Electrical Installation,…
Identifying electrician’s hand tools
When you start your apprenticeship, it is important that you get to know how to recognise basic electrician’s hand tools and understand what they are used for. This video from Gary Hayers at Tresham College aims to help! These are the basic 10 tools all learners use in Gary’s s workshop lessons at Tresham College. Quickly after starting college you will be required to name and use all these basis tools…