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Apprenticeship What next?
Prove your skills with the ECS card
Whatever stage you’ve reached in your apprenticeship, you’re probably already thinking about your future, when your dedication to work and training are rewarded with a fulfilling job and growing bank account! Proving what skills and qualifications you’ve achieved is essential, during your apprenticeship and your working life – whether it’s to allow you access to construction sites, or to progress throughout your career. The ECS Card provides this proof for…
What next?
What should I do after my apprenticeship?
Completing your electrical apprenticeship opens up an array of options and opportunities within the electrical industry; some of which you may not have even realised!   Do you want to be your own boss? Then an exciting opportunity could be to start your own electrical business and help train your own apprentices. By starting a sole trader or partnering up with other electricians, you have the opportunity to develop a…