Apprenticeship What next?

Prove your skills with the ECS card

Whatever stage you’ve reached in your apprenticeship, you’re probably already thinking about your future, when your dedication to work and training are rewarded with a fulfilling job and growing bank account!

Proving what skills and qualifications you’ve achieved is essential, during your apprenticeship and your working life – whether it’s to allow you access to construction sites, or to progress throughout your career.

The ECS Card provides this proof for you. Holding an ECS card shows that your skills and qualifications have been checked and verified by the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme. This is the only card scheme for electrotechnical operatives in the UK that’s partnered to CSCS, and it’s recognised and endorsed by the electrical industry.

You may well already have received your first ECS Apprentice Card if your training provider registers you with the JIB. If not, they can still register you with the JIB or you can apply for one at any stage of your apprenticeship.

Once you’ve got your card, download the MyECS app to show your virtual ECS card with pride!

Once you complete your training you’re eligible for ‘ECS Registered Electrician’ status and receive your ultimate ECS gold card. This will become your employment ‘passport’ by showing that you have attained the highest standard in electrical competence and are trained to the Level 3 industry standard, as well as the BS7671 wiring regulations.

Your college or training provider will be able to give you more information, so ask them about the JIB and ECS cards. You can also visit the ECS website for more information.