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No shocks in sparks’ salary survey

Electricians continue to lead the trades in pay, and they’re powering furthering ahead, new figures reveal.

A spark’s average salary is £32,315, rising 5% on that posted for last year (£30,784), the 2019 Trades Salary Survey posted by TradeSkills4U shows.

That’s the biggest rise among trades, although most have enjoyed significant pay hikes, the training body notes.

Plumbers trail second (£31,055) and carpenters third (£27,236) then bricklayers, tillers plasterers, roofers and painters.

Most electricians are self-employed, the survey notes, and can expect to charge £350-£500 to replace a consumer unit, taking a half day to a day to complete the job.

Installing and supplying a double socket brings in £90-£125 for the one- to three-hour task.

Undertaking an electrical inspection report  – a four- to eight-hour job – is charged at £90-£180.

Installation of an electric shower, taking a half to a day to complete, is chargeable between £250 and £400 typically.

And there’s more good news for sparks. “Research suggests that the average annual salary for electricians is actually more likely to be around £35-40K and can be higher still for those working in the South East.”

Still worth plugging on then.

Survey data is based on the 2015 and 2018 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings taken from the Office of National Statistics.