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The benefits of loadstar stack up

Making stacked MCB distribution boards easier, safer and faster to install and take readings from, Crabtree, part of the family of brands at Electrium, is introducing new 125A vertical stack lighting & power MCB distribution boards.

To assist designers and installers with the requirements of part L2, Crabtree now offers a compliant, preassembled solution with a fully rated 125A top distribution board. The Crabtree Loadstar Vertical Stack Lighting & Power MCB Distribution Boards are available with both standard and MID meter options. 

Jimmy Higginbotham, Product Manager for Circuit Protection at Electrium, commented on the new additions to the Loadstar range:

“These new boards are a direct response to customer feedback for a solution to the previous Loadstar solution, which used separate lighting and power boards combined together using a vertical stacking kit.

“By using this new option, we’re alleviating the need for extra steps when taking meter readings, while still giving installers maximum configuration options with both top and bottom boards available in 4 to 24 ways. By using the dual connection isolator; both boards are able to give individual readings without any additional need for offline addition or subtraction.”

This easy to install, preassembled solution, includes the ability to take separate lighting and power readings, from one dual channel meter in the standard option and through two separate meters on the MID option.

The Crabtree Loadstar Vertical Stack Lighting & Power MCB Distribution Boards have been designed and manufactured in the UK in accordance with BS EN 61439-3.

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