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WEBINAR – 12 MAY: Safe Isolation Explained!
How much do you know about safe isolation? Join us on 12th May at 13:00 for this free, live webinar and Q&A session from Scolmore Group. During the 20-30 minute session, Darren Staniforth, Head of Technical Engagement, and Jake Green, Technical Engagement Engineer, will look at what is needed, what not to do and explain why some ‘quick fixes’ might become dangerous. The presenters will be using real life examples…
ABCs of multimeter safety: Multimeter safety and you
Don’t overlook safety—your life may depend on it. Where safety is a concern, choosing a multimeter is like choosing a motorcycle helmet—if you value your head, get a safe helmet. The hazards of motorcycle riding are obvious, but what about multimeters? As long as you choose a multimeter with a high enough voltage rating, aren’t you safe? Voltage is voltage, isn’t it? Not exactly. Engineers who analyze multimeter safety often…