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Ask the Expert: different types of RCD
Be it technical advice, exam worries or on-site solutions, our Ask the Expert section is designed to solve any problems or queries you may have, with our experts on-hand to provide the answers! Scolmore Group recently received a question about the different types of RCD on the market. Here, Scolmore Group’s Darren Staniforth, Head of Technical Engagement, talks us through AC type, A type, F type and B type RCDs to clear…
Schneider circuit protection
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What is circuit protection?
Circuit protection, at its simplest, is the intentional addition of a ‘weak link’ in an electrical circuit. This link will be broken in the event of a fault – whether that’s high temperature, excessive current or a short circuit in a conductor, thus protecting the electrical circuit it’s part of from damage. Why are circuit protective devices important? Protective devices are important because they ensure that under fault conditions, a…