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Luminaires: Optics and Light Distribution
Learn how optics in luminaires allow different light distribution curves and understand the effect on glare and how to measure it. Interested in lighting? Have you registered for your free account with the Ledvance Training Centre yet? It’s packed with training videos on all sorts of lighting topics, such as technology, products and applications, so it’s a fantastic resource if you’re interested in a career in lighting. The bite-sized videos have got…
Featured Industry News Science Technology
Lighting technology: What is light?
Learn how physics describes light. Discover the whole electromagnetic spectrum and see how any colour is created as a mixture of three primary colours. Have you checked out the Ledvance Training Centre yet? If you’re interested in lighting, this online platform is perfect, packed with bite-sized training videos with run times ranging from eight to 24 minutes, so they’re great to fit in around your apprenticeship. The modules cover a variety of…