Ring Final Circuit
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What are the different types of circuit?
The key thing to remember when selecting the type of circuit for an electrical installation is the requirements stated in the IET Wiring Regulations. These are that: The number and type of circuits required for lighting, heating, power, control, signalling, communication and information technology, etc, shall be determined from knowledge of: Location of points of power demand. Loads to be expected on the various circuits. Daily and yearly variations in…
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Taking the feed (supply) to a switch
In this video, Gary Hayers form Tresham College  looks at the practice of taking a supply to a switch. This follows another tutorial where Gary explains 3-plate loop-in method.   Student training aid for the connections required when the feed is taken directly to the switch. Also, how to wire two way and two way and intermediate switching. Video explains the connection required within switches. The circuit is wired in…