cable management

IP4X Fitting
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Trunking and IP Ratings
NAPIT’s Bill Allan discusses the application of the IP Code to cable trunking. In this article, we will discuss the application of the IP Code to cable trunking. Regulation 521.10.1 Regulation 521.10.1 of BS 7671 requires that non-sheathed cables (ie. ‘singles’) for fixed wiring can only be installed in cable trunking if the trunking provides at least the degree of protection IPXXD or IP4X and if the cover can only…
Cable Management
Design & Installation Technology
An overview of cable management systems
There are a wide variety of containment systems available to organise and store cables within an installation. They tend not to be used exclusively for a particular type of wiring system, and the containment system chosen is often as much decided by the budget and practical considerations of the building it is being installed in as the cabling type itself. Fixings in cable management With such a range of cable…