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Schneider Electric Calls on Business Community to Work Together on Efficiency and Sustainability

Schneider Electric calculated that 50% of global CO2 emissions could be eliminated by 2040 if digitally-enabled energy-saving measures were implemented in just half of existing buildings, in tandem with existing global electrification and decarbonisation initiatives.

At Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit in Balselona, the company called on more than 3,500+ customers, partners, suppliers and influencers to work together to improve efficiency of their businesses and to support a more sustainable planet and development for all. 

“We are experiencing a tectonic shift today towards electrification and digitisation, enabling a new paradigm in sustainability,” said Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman and CEO, Schneider Electric. “For the first time in our history, we can all participate in a step change in efficiency and the rare opportunity to reconcile the paradox between progress for all and a sustainable future for our planet. We stand ready to work with our customers and partners to unlock new opportunities for efficiency and sustainability.”

Schneider also announced three new partnership programs. The Schneider Electric Technology Partner program is a new specialised program tailored for technology companies looking to scale and build up innovation within their businesses. Leveraging a certification approach and facilitated through Schneider Electric Exchange, an open ecosystem and business platform, partners will have the opportunity to enrich solutions that solve customers’ challenges around efficiency and sustainability.

The company also announced it is teaming up with technology industry leaders Avnet and Iceotope to jointly develop innovative, chassis-level immersive liquid cooling solutions for data centers. And it is partnering with ThoughtWire, a leading provider of Digital Twins, to create smarter, more connected digital hospitals that improve operations and patient safety.

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