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Safety video promotes positive change

The preventable death of Louise Taggart’s brother, Michael, when he was aged just 26 is the personal tragedy which now sees her as a workplace health and safety guest speaker (she was formerly an employment lawyer) travelling the country presenting to employers and conferences.

It’s been levelled at Louise that she is on a mission to which she says quite firmly: “Absolutely. I’m on a mission to ensure that lessons are learned from my wee brother’s death so that others are able to return home safe and sound to their loved ones at the end of each and every working day or night. In doing so, I aim to ensure a lasting and meaningful legacy is left for my brother here on this earth.

“But, I am one woman. I want to ask if you can help me over the next year, in the lead up to what should have been his 40th on 18 March 2019.”

Louise’s (electrician) brother was killed in a shop-fitting accident caused by a failure in tag-out procedure. Such an ‘accident’ is all to common and now Louise wants to work with others to make the world of work safer and healthier.

How can you help Michael’s Story to have as wide an impact as possible?

Watch the health and safety video below then consider if you can use it to bring about positive change via your training. If you can use the vides, then consider making a donation to Scottish Hazards, a health and safety charity committed to improving workplace health and safety.



Louise Taggart is a popular health and safety workplace speaker and trainer who, through telling Michael’s story, helps organisations reinforce their safety message. To find out more, contact Louise.