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Play the Amped Up game!

Can you fix the electrics and get the rock concert back on track? National Electrotechnical Training (NET) has launched a new game to help apprentices test their skills and knowledge. 

‘Amped Up’ gives you an entertaining but educational look at electrical tasks, allowing you to get hands on and practise some key areas you’ll need to master during your apprenticeship. 

During the game you’ll work through activities such as safe isolation, protective device selection, Ohm’s law and R1 + R2 testing.

How well will you get on? Prompts and on-screen guidance will help you through each stage. But be warned – you won’t be given all the answers and time penalties are applicable! 

Can you make it onto the leaderboard? See how you score and compare with your friends. To introduce a little friendly competition, you’ll get a higher score for completing each task without skipping a stage or pressing the help icons. 

Amped Up is available to download from Apple and Google Play. Visit for a direct link to the app stores.

This game is just for fun! It’s not an exact simulation of electrical installation techniques, and tasks have been adapted for gameplay purposes.