Overseas visitors meet with JTL, Unite and JIB Apprentice Exchange

Apprentices from different corners of the earth had the chance to meet this week as part of an international electrical trade union visit to the UK.

The Global Power Congress, who have been meeting at the Unite building in Esher, invited the JIB and Electrogroup to join apprentices and training representatives from across the globe who were being given a tour of the JTL Ashford Centre.

Representatives were present from Australia, Denmark and Iceland amongst others. This involved open talks and debate about training in the industry, funding models, technical differences and licensing models. The apprentices were given an overview of the expectations of apprentices in the UK, methods of assessment and the training facilities available.

Josh Donoghoe, the JIB Apprentice Exchange student from Australia, met with George Stickings, T Clarke plc, and Josh Horton, RB Emersons, to compare experiences on the Exchange so far and give a few tips to Josh on what to look out for in the UK.

Joining the apprentices were Richard Clarke, Unite the Union National Apprenticeships Officer; Donna Pickford, Electrogroup Chief Executive; Martin Hick, JTL Regional Business Manager and Andy Reakes, JIB Employment and Skills Manager.