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Marshall-Tufflex achieves UK Business Hero Award

Leading manufacturer of cable management systems, Marshall-Tufflex, has been recognised by the British Chambers of Commerce as a ‘UK Business Hero’ for its immediate response to meet demand for its antimicrobial trunking for the emergency NHS Nightingale Hospitals.

Launched in early October by the British Chambers of Commerce, the UK Business Heroes campaign recognises the incredible work that UK businesses have undertaken to combat the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Marshall-Tufflex was nominated by Ana Christie, CEO of Sussex Chamber of Commerce, for its work on the emergency NHS Nightingale Hospitals, which were created in response to the pandemic breakout.

The Hastings based manufacturer was approached to supply its anti-microbial cable trunking for the facilities, which uses a silver ion solution that disrupts key cell functions of bacteria and prevents them from reproducing – meaning 99.9% of harmful bacteria will not survive on the surface.

To meet the immense volumes and urgency, Marshall-Tufflex completely changed its manufacturing and distribution operation, with the factory running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and factory teams working additional hours and over weekends to deliver the required quantities. To put demand for the product in perspective, average use of the Bio ingredient was around three tonnes every year. During a three-week period at the height of demand, over 40 tonnes was used. –

The logistics team also transformed its procedures, with multiple drops required per day to meet demand for flexible and urgent deliveries with many the same day, as well as a delivery to one site at 2am following the order just 12 hours earlier.

Due to this immense undertaking to make this urgent delivery possible, the British Chambers of Commerce has named Marshall-Tufflex a UK Business Hero 2020 for its incredible contributions.

Paul Mitchell, Managing Director at Marshall-Tufflex, said, “I’m extremely proud of the team at Marshall-Tufflex and key suppliers involved with meeting demand for such an exceptional project.

“In these unprecedented times, the emergency NHS Nightingale Hospitals required an extraordinary volume of our antimicrobial trunking to be manufactured and delivered in a very short amount of time. To be recognised as a Business Hero for our teams outstanding work and innovative new processes is absolutely brilliant, and we are honoured.”

Ana Christie said, “It has been amazing to see Marshall-Tufflex completely change their production schedules to respond rapidly to the Nightingale projects with an ingenious and extremely smart solution, introduced to prevent harmful

bacteria from surviving. It is a huge credit to the company, their suppliers and the whole team.”

Since the beginning of lockdown, Marshall-Tufflex has been awarded contracts to supply ten NHS Nightingale and emergency COVID-19 Hospitals nationwide.