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Leeds engineering firm create new jobs to meet electric vehicle charging demand

Power specialist Engineered Systems Electrical (@ESE_Ltd) is planning to create new engineering jobs and apprenticeships at its Leeds headquarters as a result of innovative green technology, according to FEnews.

With the increase of more than 136,000 pure-electric cars already on the UK’s roads by July this year, ESE’s new external low-voltage distribution unit is set to revolutionise the capability of large organisations to increase the number of charging points at their outlets.

The innovative product, which will be built at ESE’s south Leeds engineering facility, supplies and installs equipment that transforms high-voltage electricity from the grid to the low-voltage power needed for vehicle charging.

ESE managing director Michael Keith said:

“This is a really important development for us and we have had huge interest in this new technology, particularly from organisations that are providing electric vehicle charging or have expanding electric vehicle fleets of their own.

“The growth in the electric vehicle space really is happening exponentially and our new product will ensure the infrastructure for charging vehicles can keep up with the pace of that change.”

“The opportunities created by our new technology, which is not only extensible but offers a vastly reduced footprint when compared with existing equipment, are a perfect example of why engineering is such an exciting industry to work in for young people,” said Mr Keith.