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JTL promotes the newly revised electrical apprenticeship standard to align with its ‘Your future, our planet’ learner recruitment campaign

JTL, a leading provider of apprenticeships in the building services engineering sector, is supporting a transformative change to the Installation and Maintenance Electrician standard in England, effective from September 4th 2023, in its latest learner recruitment campaign ‘Your future, our planet’. 

The updated Installation and Maintenance Electrician apprenticeship standard has been designed to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge in installing and connecting an extensive range of eco-friendly technologies. 

With a focus on the future, this change brings environmental responsibility to the forefront of learners’ journeys. The newly revised standard encompasses training on a spectrum of sustainable and energy-efficient technologies, including Renewable Energy Systems; Energy-Efficient Lighting; Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure; Energy Storage Systems; Smart Building Technologies; Energy Conservation Techniques; and Digital Skills.

Electricians armed with the latest green skills, will be able to proficiently install and connect low carbon technologies which are all integral components of a sustainable future.

The change to the Installation and Maintenance Electrician standard in England has been acknowledged in JTL’s latest learner recruitment campaign ‘Your future, our planet’, which kicked off on the 14th August. The recognition of this revised standard exemplifies JTL’s commitment to crafting a workforce equipped with future-proofed skills, primed to usher in a new era of eco-conscious electrical expertise.

The campaign is targeting individuals aged 16 and above across England and Wales to choose a sustainable trade that empowers them to make a lasting effect on both their future and the planet. The four-week initiative also seeks to reach guiding influencers of these individuals, such as parents, guardians and career advisors. 

‘Your future, our planet’ aims to bridge the existing skills gap by educating the future generations of electricians to consider the impact that their industry can have on climate change and to provide the correct resources to allow them to support the nation’s transition to a net-zero future through the development of green skills.

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive at JTL said: “At a time when environmental concerns dominate global conversations, these enhancements align with the largescale efforts to address climate change and promote sustainable practices. Recent changes to the apprenticeship mean we’re nurturing a skilled workforce capable of championing the adoption and maintenance of clean, efficient technologies.

“Our latest learner recruitment campaign, ‘Your future, our planet’, has been designed to captivate the aspirations of young individuals and recent school leavers, whilst taking environmental impact into consideration. This campaign allows the learners’ journeys to align seamlessly with the newly revised standard, along with the UK’s ambitious goal of transitioning to a net-zero society.”

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