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JTL calls for employers to hire new trainees and benefit from a £1,000 grant

JTL, the leading national training provider for electrical and heating and plumbing apprenticeships, is encouraging employers to take advantage of the government’s £1,000 grant extension and hire new trainees as part of the government’s Traineeship Programme.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) recently announced that the government incentive grant of £1,000 for employers who participate in the Traineeship Programme has been extended from July 2021 to July 2022. An employer can claim the £1,000 grant for every trainee they take on, with up to a maximum of ten trainees. The grant can be claimed for Traineeship work placements with a start and completion date between 1 September 2020 and 31 July 2022.

A JTL Traineeship is available to young people aged 16-18 and typically lasts between 10-16 weeks. The programme focuses on developing vital employability skills, alongside additional English, maths and digital skills, combined with a work placement lasting a minimum of 70 hours.

Natasha Heritage, employability trainer at JTL, said: “More and more employers are beginning to understand the potential of traineeships and are using them as part of their business recruitment programme, so the extension of the grant is a real benefit. A traineeship is an effective way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to improving the competency and quality of the talent within the trades. By giving young people their first opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the workplace, they’ll be better equipped to begin a targeted apprenticeship programme that will lead to a professional career.

“At JTL, all of our trainees undergo health and safety training which will result in them gaining the relevant documentation to go on site to complete their work experience, either via the ECS or CSCS route – a great benefit if you’re looking to take on a trainee for a work placement.”

JTL currently delivers its Traineeship programme in London, Kent, Nottingham, Oxford and Birmingham with plans to expand this over the next 12 months. JTL also has the flexibility for larger cohorts to arrange training outside of these locations to cater to your business needs. 

The Traineeship programme will begin delivery again from August. For more information or to make an enquiry, visit www.jtltraining.com/traineeships/take-on-a-trainee.