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JIB highlights membership benefits as electrical apprenticeships surge

With The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) reporting a surge in electrical apprentices earlier this year, the Joint Industry Board (JIB) is issuing a reminder of the benefits JIB membership can deliver for apprentices and their employers. The JIB is an impartial organisation that sets the standards for employment, welfare, grading and apprentice training in the electrical contracting industry. Its work is targeted at improving the industry, its status and productivity.

Figures from The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education show that the intake of electrical apprentices remained strong throughout the coronavirus pandemic, demonstrating the value employers place on apprenticeships as the preferred route for training.

The JIB has operated a registration programme for apprentices for more than four decades. This programme sets the apprentice on the right track from day one, gives greater support to their employer as they bring through this next generation of talent and shines a light on those training providers who are supporting the highest standards of technical, employment and health and safety knowledge within the electrotechnical industry.

In addition to the apprenticeship benefits, there are a number of other services available to member companies that will help to assure clients and contractors that they are dealing with a professional company working to high employment standards.

For example, the standards set out in the JIB National Working Rules act as a comprehensive set of terms and conditions of employment adopted by all JIB company members, operatives and apprentices. The JIB handbook also acts as an invaluable guide to ensure members are acting within employment law.

Access to the JIB Skills Development Fund is another popular benefit, providing financial assistance for courses for those undertaking further education and training in the electrical industry.

Existing members have spoken about the reasons why they value their membership;

Formed in 2001, Premier Electrical Services has steadily grown over the years and now offers a full range of electrical and mechanical services across the UK. Their reasons for joining included “the support and advice available from the JIB team combined with a comprehensive benefits package invaluable,” also adding, “if you look after your people, they will look after the business and the JIB agreement is a clear demonstration that we look after them.”

Darren Wren of DJW Electrical said his company joined the JIB “primarily because JIB membership has a strong association with quality and access to a package of benefits for employees and the company, in particular being able to deliver the ECS Health and Safety Assessments on site.”

JIB Chief Executive Jay Parmar said: “Our members range from companies with one qualified electrician and one apprentice, setting their employment arrangements on a sound footing, through to some of the largest players in the industry, who benefit from recognised Gold Standard in employment practices. A bespoke template Contract of Employment is available for all JIB company members taking on new employees under the JIB terms and conditions and the JIB staff are always on hand to provide free support to members.”

For further information about the benefits JIB membership can bring to individuals and companies, download the JIB Membership Brochure here.