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Go Electrical partners with Blackpool & Fylde Colleges

Go Electrical Wholesale is working with Blackpool & The Fylde College to help students gain work experience.

The new partnership will see electrical installation students from Blackpool and the Fylde College get first-hand experience within Go Electrical Wholesale branches to help them further develop their studies.

Go Electrical Wholesale said they became aware of the challenges that Blackpool & The Fylde College were having trying to secure work placements for their electrical installations students.

The partnership will offer students a platform to work with industry products and professionals and help them acquire further insight into the industry, which will assist them throughout their studies and their electrical career once they qualify.

The partnership also provides a fantastic opportunity for the students to network direct with our customers and assists them in securing apprenticeships with local electricians.



Howard Callaghan, Electrical Installations Lecturer at Blackpool and The Fylde College said: “Our partnership with Go Electrical has been really successful. We have already placed a number of students with Go Electrical and all have had a positive experience from their time there and picked up additional knowledge and experience.

“The students have come back with a better understanding of parts and equipment and can identify the correct items for jobs easily and quickly, something which is extremely important for employers taking them on.

“Students have gone on to get jobs partly because of the experience they have gained at Go Electrical – which for us is fantastic and makes the partnership really worthwhile.”

Josh McCann was one of the first students to take part in the partnership program and embraced the opportunity, he is now an electrical apprentice for one of our regular customers, Jet Electrical.  Josh managed to secure this through being given the opportunity to network with the owner of Jet Electrical in our Blackpool branch.

Josh said: “I really enjoyed my placement with Go Electrical, it helped me learn loads about the products and I picked up lots more knowledge about the industry, which I wouldn’t have managed to do without the opportunity with Go Electrical. It also helped me secure my apprenticeship, which can be really difficult to do, and I am now progressing towards becoming a qualified electrician.”

Go Electrical have already began welcoming this year’s electrical students into Go Electrical for their placements and the students have recently enjoyed a group trip to a new branch in Preston.