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Expand your lighting knowledge with a quick course on LED lamps

Find yourself drawn to the bright lights of lighting? Keen to expand your knowledge of the lighting industry? Got a spare 10 minutes? Let us introduce you to the Ledvance Training Centre.

There’s a whole host of lighting info available on the platform, including technology, products and applications. It takes just a minute to set up an account and then you’re free to explore the world of light through short, informative training videos.

The platform is available 24/7 so you’re able to dip in and out of the videos and complete them in your own time, but with run times of between eight and 24 minutes, they’re perfect to fit in around your apprenticeship.

Why not kick off with the ins and outs of LED lamps? With the shift from traditional technology to LED technology, the traditional designs, shapes and functions were adapted by LED technology. Learn how an LED lamp is constructed, discover the socket shapes, understand the difference between printed circuit board (PCB) and filament lamps, learn why thermal management is crucial for efficacy and find out how the right material and lens makes a difference.

The training module, LED Lamps: Construction, is just 19 minutes and covers:

  • Base overview and retrofitting
  • Wattage replacement of incandescent to LED and the related energy and cost savings
  • Key components of LED lamps
  • LED filament lamp – construction
  • LED thermal management and heat paths
  • Permissible ambient temperatures
  • Overview of lens types, reflector and diffusor
  • Characteristics of the materials used within LED lamps (plastics, aluminium and glass)
  • LED lamp efficacy.

Certificates are available upon completion of the modules to keep track of your progress.

Visit the Ledvance Training Centre here.