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Engineering apprentice wins Apprentice Endeavour award

Northumberland College engineering apprentice, Hamish Carroll, representing Tharsus Ltd., won the Apprentice Endeavour award at the recent Make UK 2020 Awards.

The Awards celebrate the brilliance of UK manufacturing and engineering, with the Apprentice Endeavour award given to an apprentice who has engaged with their apprenticeship programme despite adverse circumstances. It acknowledges their determination and progress on their individual journey.

Hamish says, “I’m incredibly proud to have won the Make UK Endeavour Award. It is an amazing achievement, and it would not have been possible without the support of Northumberland College, Tharsus and my family.”

Hamish, from Stockton-on-Tees, chose an apprenticeship after becoming disillusioned with his university course and the career path he was heading down. Seeking a way of gaining real-life practical experience whilst still studying, he began to look at other options and was impressed by the apprenticeship scheme offered by Blyth-based Tharsus, who design and manufacture strategic machines for companies such as BT.

“Tharsus stood out to me because of the unique structure to the apprenticeship scheme, which would allow me to explore both mechanical and electrical engineering. Being competent in both fields is a great way to give my career an edge and allow me to stand out.

“During the early stages of the interview process as I got to further explore Tharsus, my passion for engineering really came back to me. The whole atmosphere around Tharsus really inspired me and once I had experienced that, I didn’t want to give it up.”

Despite a two-hour commute via public transport and 5am starts, Hamish excelled in his apprenticeship, where he enjoyed combining hands-on work with classroom learning at Northumberland College’s Ashington Campus.

“Through my apprenticeship, I have been able to gain the qualifications and skills that suit the company’s needs. It has allowed me to learn the practical side of my job and then use this to understand and reinforce the theory behind it.

“Studying at college helped me develop my understanding of electrical and electronic principles, this has given me new skills I can apply with my job role. The best part of college is the combination of theoretical learning, alongside practical demonstrations.”

Hamish works as a Technical Officer, assisting in leading on testing, training and fault diagnostics of products before they are shipped – a career he may not have achieved without for his apprenticeship.