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Electrical installation at home made easy

While you prepare for your future in the electrical industry, it’s good to know there are solutions out there that will continue to support you in your career. One such service is ABB’s My World of Installation.

Designed to make installations easier, the range of solutions and services in My World of Installation features everything you need for home applications, covering all levels of installation requirements. With this comprehensive package, ABB believes it can meet any customer’s safety and comfort needs in residential environments.

My World of Installation’s low voltage product offering spans:

  • Enclosures
  • DIN-rail products
  • Wiring accessories
  • Door communication products
  • Wire and cable management
  • Intelligent building solutions.

The range of support and services available includes:

  • Printed collateral
  • Mobile wizards
  • Professional software tools
  • Pre-sales and after-sales support
  • Online information.

Four installation levels are available, designed to streamline the product selection process:

  • Basic installation consists of the mandatory protection products in a home distribution system, enabling you to quickly and cost-efficiently complete any standard installation task.
  • Extended installation offersproducts for a better selectivity. Additional protection can be achieved through miniature circuit breakers and selective residual current breakers.
  • Advanced installation includes devices that provide additional benefits, such as increased safety and comfort. Through auto-reclosing devices, continuity of service is granted in case of unwanted tripping.
  • Premium installation provides a comprehensive offer for home automation and energy management to achieve the full control of functions like lighting, room climate, security and much more.

To harness ABB’s full range of expertise and experience, and build your own World of Installation, click here.