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Electrical apprenticeships offer best career opportunities

A new guide published by the Department for Education and the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) has highlighted the fact that electrical apprenticeships can offer some of the best career prospects for young people. 

ECA Director of Workforce and Public Affairs Andrew Eldred said: “This endorsement from the Department for Education and IfATE confirms what we in industry already knew. An electrical apprenticeship isn’t just a popular choice. It also offers some of the best opportunities for an exciting and rewarding career – not least in delivering the UK’s Net Zero future.”

ECA, along with industry partners TESP and NET, encourages anyone considering an electrotechnical career to visit the electrical careers website and learn about the training opportunities available for young people. 

As well as providing a route to a lucrative career and skills for life, the electrotechnical sector is at the heart of the Net Zero transition. ECA Members and the wider industry are overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities to make low carbon living a reality – watch ECA’s flagship Leading the Charge video and podcast series to learn more. 

Chris Jenkins, Director at ECA Member firm EFT Consult, said: “At age 21, I became an electrical apprentice with RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services and have continued my career journey from there, thanks to the opportunities RDM provided me with, which has now led me to working with our sister company, EFT Consult. 

“My day-to-day work is complex but exciting – working with clients, creative design teams, architect and structural engineers to make projects happen.

“Throughout my career I have worked on a massive range of different projects, from defence sector projects for the Ministry of Defence to the Bluestone luxury holiday park in South West Wales. 

“What I most enjoy about the job is the diversity of what we do and the speed in which things develop. I love staying on top of the latest technologies for building services. It all boils down to making everything work – without our sector, especially in today’s climate, buildings wouldn’t work – there’d be no power, light, warmth, water, cooling – our indoor environments would be cold dark places if it wasn’t for us!

“I also love the fact that you can come in as an electrician but end up specialising in endless roles – there are so many opportunities to branch out once you’ve gained your apprenticeship.”