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Solving electrical problems with thermal imaging
Basic how-tos: Electrical load, safety, and emissivity Today’s thermal imagers are rugged, easy to use, and much more affordable than even just a few years ago. They have become a realistic solution for everyday electrical maintenance. To use, a qualified technician or electrician points the thermal imager at the equipment in question and scans the immediate area, looking for unexpected hot spots. The imager produces a live image of the heat emitted from the equipment and with the quick squeeze of the trigger, a…
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The shocking truth about installer safety
Professional electricians and installers are risking their lives everyday by not following basic safety procedures like using a lock out kit or a voltage tester to check charge before starting work, according to new research carried out on behalf of Super Rod and Louise Taggart, who tells her brother Michael’s Story. 825 members of the Electricians Community Forum group on Facebook were surveyed about their safety habits and the findings…