Careers in the electrical trade

You’ve taken the step to become an electrical professional, but do you know how varied a career you can have?

The correct training and knowledge can take you down a huge range of different career routes. From working in homes as a domestic electrical installer to working on high voltage systems, the jobs available to electricians is vast.

The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP), which is a partnership between the ECA, JIB, Unite and SELECT, has produced an industry careers video – ‘You Do the Maths’ – to show the different areas of the industry you can work in.

The aim is to demonstrate that to be an electrician you need a good head for maths and science and it’s not a drop out option.

Expect further videos in the ‘You Do the Maths’ theme where TESP takes a few electrical concepts and formulas that apprentices use in training and indicate their apply on real-life projects.