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Back to school

Despite having this year’s Electrical Apprentice of the Year, the King’s Lynn branch of Dodd Group is not one to rest on its laurels and is always looking to the future.

To this end, Alex ‘AotY18′ Goodman and Mike Jones attended the College of West Anglia’s open day to encourage the next batch of school-leavers to consider an electrical apprenticeship.

Attending these events often pays dividends as Joe Lewis, the branch’s current first-year apprentice, was introduced to Dodd Group at an open day last year.

To showcase the variety of the work that Dodd does, Alex and Mike set up an outstation to illustrate how a standard electrical apprenticeship can act as a gateway to more specialised activities such as the configuration or commissioning of control systems.

The venue itself was also used as an example of building services installations, which certainly opened a few students’ eyes to things that they took for granted.

Over the course of the day half-a-dozen-or-so attendees benefitted from involved conversations on how the apprenticeship scheme works and the type of jobs that Dodd undertake. Dodd hope that the College will see some of the visitors again next year…