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Upskill to grow career and business profitability

According to a new survey by Logic4training, becoming multi-skilled could be a good move for building services installers looking for a more profitable 2019 – over 75% of survey respondents stated increased profits as a result of upskilling.

The survey, which set-out to discover how trades people developed their skillsets and the benefits this had to their business, demonstrated the popularity of diversifying beyond initial training. 87.5% of building services installers add to their skill-set later on in their careers, with benefits such as enhanced work satisfaction, larger customer base and an increased hourly rate attributed to being multi-skilled.

Gas is the most popular area to up-skill into – 60.5% of respondents made this move after starting their career in another field; particularly popular amongst plumbers (over 73% have added gas qualifications to their arsenal). On average, respondents who had upskilled did so in approximately two other disciplines, with the majority undertaking independent training courses (72.8%), followed by on-the-job training (45.63%). 40% combined a course with work experience.

Overwhelmingly (over 93%), recommended upskilling, with anecdotal evidence including:

  • “For self-development and a better chance of moving on in your career.”
  • “You can offer complete installation and servicing services to your customers and cut out using sub-contractors to cover your skill shortage.”
  •  “This industry is always changing and you need to continue training or be left behind.”

Mark Krull, Director for Logic4training, said: “With over 75% of our survey respondents stating increased profits as a result of upskilling (a lucky 4%’s profits rose by 90%!) the benefits of being multi-skilled are clear. We offer a range of training programmes for experienced installers looking to diversify into related areas – such as gas and electrical work. If you haven’t done so already, maybe 2019’s the time to move from one trade to two (or more!)”

The multi-jobbing flow chart

To help building services engineers progress in their career, Logic4training has produced a multi-jobbing flow chart outlining the most popular pathways, including includes findings from its recent upskill survey. To view the full survey and the flow chart, visit