Rhys lightning: SkillELECTRIC Gold recipient has winning words for would-be apprentices
Rhys Boni had worked in the electrotechnical sector on and off for some six years, “four of those in formal training and not always easy”, before he decided to enter SkillELECTRIC. “But being recognised as the best in the country at a national competition makes it all worthwhile. It doesn’t get any better,” he says. It’s not all about winning though, Rhys adds. “Just reaching the final is a huge…
Valuable work experience
Scolmore’s Ian Hunter tells us why the skills he learned as an electrical apprentice have continued to benefit him, even after he left the tools behind. Here at Electrical Apprentice, we like to examine just how influential electrotechnical apprenticeships have been to the successful careers of individuals around the industry. Here, Ian Hunter, Group Commercial Director at the Scolmore Group explains how his electrical apprenticeship led him from being on the tools to…
Could an apprenticeship really be the gateway to a successful career?
By Richard Hines, principal specialist inspector at the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)   A demanding job in a high-pressure environment, dealing with matters of life and death daily, you might think that I’m the product of a Russell Group university education with a list of Bachelors and Masters degrees to my name. But you’d be wrong. Like most young people at 16, I finished school and was faced with…
Apprenticeship Industry News
Apprenticeships the answer to falling uni numbers
Many commentators have blamed high tuition fees for a growing number of young people applying for university, raising fears of a lack of social mobility. But Develop Training (DTL) points out that school leavers give other reasons too, including that they don’t enjoy studying or don’t think they have the necessary academic skills for university. The training company says that apprenticeships have the capability, not just to provide an alternative…
18 a bitesized guide
Bone up on the Blue Book
The 18th edition of the IET Wiring Regulations (the ‘Blue Book’) are required guidance from 1 January 2019. You may have to apply them soon enough so why not check out a handy Bitesize Guide to the highlights. A couple of minutes’ read and you’ll be up to speed. Read the Bitesize Guide
Careers in the electrical trade
You’ve taken the step to become an electrical professional, but do you know how varied a career you can have? The correct training and knowledge can take you down a huge range of different career routes. From working in homes as a domestic electrical installer to working on high voltage systems, the jobs available to electricians is vast. The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP), which is a partnership between the ECA,…